I have been going to Ioan Stan for massage therapy on a regular basis, for a year now, after having tried several other therapists. Ioan always asks questions, listens and customizes his treatment to my needs of the day. He also knows the right amount of pressure to apply and his great techniques help relax my muscles from the stress of the everyday life. I would recommend Ioan to anybody who is seeking a good massage therapist.
— Bekaye, New Westminster, BC
It’s been a unique and exquisite experience coming to Stan Massage Therapy. I’ve been seeing massage therapists for a relatively long time and it’s an undeniable fact that the ones who thrive have a distinguishing mark of their own, telling them apart from the rest. Well, Stan Massage Therapy has definitely a distinctive touch. Some of the techniques were new to me and the overall massage therapy experience as well. The sessions are very thorough and exceptionally invigorating for me. I would definitely recommend Stan Massage Therapy to anyone looking for a massage therapy well done.
— Julian, Seattle, WA
Ioan and Simona Stan are the best massage therapists I’ve ever met to date. I have been seeing many spas and clinics to try various different therapies, but the Stans stand out in my mind. I am one of their regular clients and I have recommended several of my family and friends to them. Their techniques are very different from other therapists’ and this is what makes their massages so good. Ioan and Simona are very professional and ensure their clients are satisfied with their treatment. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a relaxing or therapeutic massage.
— Amar, Vancouver, BC
Ioan is a very good massage therapist. He’s very professional and is always consistent in his work. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good Registered Massage Therapist in New West.
— Elizabeth, New Westminster, BC
My husband and I have been seeing Simona regularly for over 2 years, including through my pregnancy and post-partum recovery. She is an excellent RMT and has helped us both with all of our aches and pains. Simona is professional, kind, knowledgeable and seems to genuinely be passionate about her work. I would highly recommend Simona.
— Kailey, New Westminster, BC
I have been a regular client of Simona for over 2 years now. She is an excellent and highly skilled RMT. She is kind, caring, compassionate and very knowledgeable. Her techniques create a balance between relaxation and tension release. She teaches me exercises and stretches that I can do at home to help relieve muscle tension. I highly recommend Simona.
— Tasnim, New Westminster, BC